Newton County

Mom afraid to send son to middle school after repeated fights

NEWTON COUNTY ,Ga. — Video of a fight in class shows why a mother is now afraid to send her son to middle school.

Channel 2′s Tyisha Fernandes talked to Lindsay Jordan, who said her 13-year-old son keeps getting attacked at school and having to fight back.

The incident unfolded at Cousins Middle School in Covington.

We first showed you video of the fight on Channel 2 Action News at 5 p.m. on Monday.

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Fernandes spoke to administrators, who said their goal is to deal with students who have disruptive behaviors before they start fighting with other students.

But Jordan said her son warned school leaders about the fight before it happened, and they didn’t intervene.

“My son went to an administrator to let them know that something was going to transpire between he and the other student,” Jordan said. “After that happened, they sent both students to class. I expected something to be done as far as one of the children being taken out of class.”


Jordan said her son was in four fights last year and two this year and that there are several fights ongoing at the school that involve other children.

“These fights are getting worse and worse as they go along,” Jordan said. “I’ve seen one student have a broken arm from a fight that ended up here, and it’s just to the point where, as a parent, I’m concerned for him to go to school.”

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Jordan said when she’s talked to administrators about how to prevent any more violence, they don’t take action.

Fernandes reached out to the Newton County School District. They sent the following statement:

“Our goal is always to mitigate disruptive behaviors, such as fights before they happen, as safety is our priority. Once administrators are made aware of discipline incidents, these incidents are addressed.”

Teachers are supposed to call school police to break up fights. Jordan said that by the the time that happens, it’s usually too late.

“It seems like things are getting pushed to the side,” Jordan said.