Massive fire shut down traffic, could be seen for miles across metro Atlanta skyline

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Firefighters are investigating a blaze that broke out in an auto repair shop late Saturday afternoon. This fire shut down a portion of Moreland Avenue.

Channel 2′s Elizabeth Rawlins spoke with several neighbors who ran away from the fire.

Dekalb County firefighters responded to a massive blaze Saturday afternoon after Hub Cap Daddy, a tire warehouse on Moreland Avenue, went up in flames.

“All I saw was black smoke coming in and out of my window in the kitchen, and then I heard a loud boom about four to five times… so I had to hurry up to get my 4-year-old daughter out with my three puppies,” Elizabeth McLaughlin said.

The fire captured the attention of drivers and residents all around the city. It created a huge smoke cloud that could be seen for miles.

“The flames were all the way up to the top of the trees,” McLaughlin said.

Channel 2 spoke to neighbors who were forced to evacuate after witnessing what sounded like an explosion in their backyard.

“(My son) called and told me, ‘Mom, my trailer is fixing to go up.’ He says the hub cap place behind him caught on fire,” Lisa Emberson, a neighbor, said.

Fire crews from both Atlanta and Dekalb County were on the scene for several hours, putting out massive flames at Hub Cap Daddy auto parts store.

No injuries were reported, but many neighbors who stood watching from afar couldn’t help but wonder if they were going to have a home to return to.