Local venue warns about scammers promoting fake virtual concerts using Facebook ads

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A local concert venue is warning people to watch out for false advertisements that promote live stream concerts that were never scheduled to happen.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones said he was a victim of the scam. He had purchase what he thought was access to a Will Downing concert and invited friends over to watch.

That is when Jones found out there was no concert and someone in the United Kingdom had his credit card information. He wasn’t the only one left disappointed.

Tracy Rhodes became excited when she saw a Facebook ad promoting a Will Downing and Gerald Albright jazz concert. She still can’t believe the concert was never scheduled to take place.

“We were bamboozled,” she said. “I was really really outdone. I was outdone.”

Carla Adams was also excited about the live stream before she was left disappointed.

“These are the things we look forward to because we can stay safe,” Adams said. “When I found out it wasn’t true I was extremely disappointed.”


Jones, Adams and Rhodes all saw advertisements on Facebook that had a link to a live stream that asked for credit card information. Jones said he had to cancel his credit cards.

Mable House told Jones this has been an ongoing problem. It has repeatedly reported Facebook pages that advertise streaming of concerts that were canceled or rescheduled.

The venue posted a message on its pages saying “Please remember that Mable House Barnes Amphitheater is not hosting any live stream events.”

Adams told Jones that people want the livestreams to have something to do during the pandemic. But she warns others to be careful with their credit card information.

“Facebook I think needs to do a better job, I think, of screening who is posting things,” Adams said. “If it’s not Ticketmaster or the venue themselves I say stay away.”

There are two separate concerts that state they are scheduled for Mable House Sept. 5th. The theater said those are fake as well. The promoter listed on Saturday’s concert said he was not connected to that concert or any others the rest of the year.

Will Downing sent his apologies to everyone impacted by the scam.