Local man completes Ironman race with handicapped brother

Monday morning, two Atlanta brothers are waking up as Ironmen.

Brent and Kyle Pease reached the Ironman Wisconsin finish line just after 11 p.m. Sunday.

Their overall time was 15 hours 9 minutes and 25 seconds.

Brent completed his first Ironman in 2011, but his younger brother, Kyle, wanted to become an Ironman too.

Kyle was born with cerebral palsy.

Earlier this week, Kyle told Channel 2 Action News that he likes to inspire others and help them through the Kyle Pease Foundation.

"It's all about being out there with my brother and supporting each other and helping other disabled people, kids to show them that anything is possible," Kyle Pease said.

The two brothers were up early Saturday morning and their close friend, Michael Kidd, sent Channel 2's Craig Lucie videos and pictures throughout the day showing their progress. In the first video, Kyle is all smiles when a race official in Madison, Wis. writes the number 102 on his arm.

His older brother, Brent, was number 104.

Brent tied a kayak to his waist as the sun came up on Lake Monona in downtown Madison. He pulled Kyle the 2.4 miles in 1:03:57. It took the pair around 12 minutes to transition to the bike so Brent could start pedaling 112 miles.

Together, they pushed each other mentally and physically for 8:58:33 until it was time for the marathon. In several videos, you can hear their Atlanta friends encouraging them. At one point, Brent smiled and told his friends the best place to see them ride by would be a hill during the bike course at mile 11.

Kidd sent one email to Lucie that said by mile 9 in the run, Kyle got cold so they had to wrap him up to keep him warm. An hour and 20 minutes later, Kidd told Lucie 'They are at 17.5 miles. Absolutely crushing the run!"

After 15 hours of competing in a race only a select few in the nation have accomplished, the brothers approached the finish line. But about 20 feet short, they stopped briefly so they could hug their family members watching. Then in a moment that will give you goose bumps, Brent grabbed Kyle's hand, held it up and they both crossed the finish line with their heads held high. Throughout the race, they lived up to their foundation's motto, "Where there is a wheel, there is a way."