‘I knew I had to help’: High school football players recount heroic rescue after woman crashes car

ROME, Ga. — We are now hearing from a group of local football players who jumped into action to save a woman, after a serious car crash.

It happened last Friday as the teens were on their way to school in Rome. Now they’re being recognized for their bravery.

The high school football players from Floyd County spoke to “Good Morning America” on Tuesday morning, which airs on Channel 2.

“I knew I had to help or something. I knew my friends were going to feel the same way as me,” Treyvon Adams said.

“Once I saw the car smoking … I was thinking as if the car was going to blow up,” Antwion Carey said.

“All I see was a big old boom. I looked up and saw they got in a wreck. So we just all hopped out. I just knew we were going to be a bad accident,” Adams said.


A picture posted by a teacher at the Rome City School District showed what was left of the crumpled car with the driver trapped inside.

“The sound was very, very loud. The car was crushed. It was glass everywhere,” Adams said.

The teens raced to respond. The crash was right across the street from their school and happened as they were on their way in.

“She just repeated, saying, ‘Help! Help me! Help me!” Carey said.

Math teacher Luis Goya was right there too and dialed 911. He says it was scary, but that those teens are heroes.

“In panic mode, you know, she was desperate. And you can see in the eyes because, you know, the whole accident and the smoke coming down in front of her of the hood, but then you see these angels,” Goya said.

The boys say they did what they had to do but just hope the woman in the crash will be alright.