‘I can’t believe people would be this wicked:’ Tyler Perry warns of fake sites asking for money

ATLANTA — Media mogul Tyler Perry is warning people to not fall for fake websites and social media posts claiming to be raising money on his behalf.

Perry tweeted a video in which he said people are setting up websites pretending to be him, asking for money, saying they are using it to give away thousands of dollars. He said they are popping up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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“Do not fall for this. Do not send anybody money thinking that I am sending money. Those are lies. They are all fake sites,” Perry said.

Perry said he is doing a lot to help a lot of people right now, but says he is not asking for anybody to help him do that.

Perry says if people want to know what he’s doing, they should get out his verified social media sites.

Perry is known for his charitable acts toward people in the community.

Most recently, Perry paid for the groceries of senior citizens shopping during designated senior hours at 44 Kroger locations throughout Atlanta.

Just days prior, he left a $500 tip for each out-of-work server at Houston’s restaurant on Northside Parkway, totaling $21,000.