Heartbreaking video of Orlando victim's Atlanta performance

Photo: YouTube user "PASOFino Latin Dance Studio"

ATLANTA — Xavier Emmanuel Serrano Rosado, identified by authorities as one of the victims

, was a dancer who gave a memorable performance at the 2014 Atlanta Bachata.

Although the event focuses on Latin dance and music, Rosado gave a contemporary performance.

“It had nothing to do with Latin dancing but it was how he felt,” said event director Jose Maldonado. “He stood out. His performance was not the regular salsa. It was passion driven. It set him apart.”

Rosado was 35 and worked at Disney Live in the Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show, according to a blog set up in tribute to victims. His did not compete during his time at the Atlanta event, but rather performed as an exhibition dancer. The loss of the young talented performer left his one-time director crushed.

“I’ve been a dancer for 15 years. We’re all young and think we’re indestructible,” Maldonado said. “The next thing you know, something like this happens. Somebody so full of life, so young and talented. It wasn’t his time. He had so many dreams.”

Maldonado searched for the video when he heard the sad news and resurfaced it on his social media pages. It’s a beautiful performance, but it’s hard to watch.

This article was written by Jennifer Brett, Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

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