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Comedian Katt Williams accused of assaulting bodyguard

HALL COUNTY, Ga. — Comedian and actor Katt Williams was arrested and charged Tuesday for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment against a man police believe to be his bodyguard, Corey Dixon.

"It's our understanding that Mr. Williams was encouraging our victim, Mr. Dixon, to engage in some criminal activity in the Atlanta area," said Deputy Nicole Bailes with the Hall County Sheriff's Office

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Dixon claims that when he refused to commit crimes under Williams' orders, he was taken back to Williams' home in the Harbor Point subdivision in Gainesville and was assaulted.

Deputies said Williams directed Tatiana Smith, 24, to choke Dixon and hit him in the chest with a baseball bat.




"He ordered the assault and stood there while the assault was happening. It is my understanding that there were firearms present. Mr. Williams had a firearm on his person," Bailes said.

He's accused of threatening to kill Dixon as the bodyguard was being assaulted.

That alleged incident happened just the day before Williams was arrested for punching an employee at a pool supply store and a week to the day after he was recorded getting into a brawl on stage at a rap concert in Philadelphia.
Deputies said there is a reason it took a week to arrest Williams.
"Obviously, Mr. Williams has been in the news quite a bit, and we wanted to preserve the integrity of our investigation. When we initially received this, we wanted to follow up with this. A lot of our witnesses live out of state," Bailes said.
Another resident of the home, Lena Smith, was arrested as well. Deputies said more charges could be on the way for Williams.

The magistrate judge has set a $60,000 bond for Williams.

Provisions require Williams surrender his passport, have no firearms, and abstain from alcohol and illegal drugs

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