Gwinnett County

Well-known financial planner disappears just before deadline to turn over documents to SEC

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Federal and local authorities are looking for a Gwinnett County financial planner who also had a local radio show.

Police say Chris Burns vanished with cash and untold secrets. Investigators in at least two metro counties say they are now getting calls from potential fraud victims.

By day, he runs Sandy Springs-based Dynamic Money and two associated financial groups. The businesses attracted the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission just weeks before he vanished.

State records show the Investus Companies, also owned by Burns, are on notice of being administratively dissolved for lack of licensing renewal.

When she filed a missing person report, Burns' wife told Gwinnett County police, “Christopher was contacted by the SEC in reference to an investigation dealing with his business. Christopher was not told what the investigation was for.”

His wife told police that Burns disappeared one day before the deadline to turn over documents to the SEC.

“Any indication if he took any money with him?” Channel 2′s Tony Thomas asked Cpl. Collin Flynn of the Gwinnett County Police Department.

“The police believe Mr. Burns did leave with some money,” Flynn said.


He last posted on social media just hours before he told his wife he was heading to his parents' house in North Carolina.

His parents say he didn’t show. His wife told police that Burns texted the family that night, Sept. 24, saying he loved them.

There’s been no contact since.

His wife told police she found his car at Perimeter Center East and his handgun was missing.

“At this point in time, we believe he left on his own accord,” Flynn said.

In the car, investigators found $78,000 in cashier’s checks.

Thomas also obtained a Brookhaven police report that a family said Burns' company failed to pay on a deal involving $365,000.

Police consider Burns armed and suicidal. They aren’t sure how much cash he took with him.

“We are still getting information right now. There’s a lot so far we don’t know about Chris,” Mrs. Burns' attorney said.

So far, Channel 2 has not been able to identify Chris Burns' attorney.

Gwinnett County police are looking into Burns' disappearance and referring financial cases to other departments.

Thomas contacted the SEC on Monday about the case, but investigators there will not talk about details they’ve learned so far. Gwinnett police say they believe their investigation focuses potentially on a substantial amount of missing money.

Thomas also spoke the Mrs. Burns attorney Monday evening, who confirmed all of the family’s guns had been accounted for.

Mrs. Burns sent a statement, saying: "This is a developing situation with many unknowns. We are not prepared to comment at this time. Right now, my main priority is caring for my young children. We respectfully ask for privacy during this difficult.”

For several years, Burns purchased time on WSB Radio to air his finance-related talk show. He is not a direct employee of Cox Media Group or WSB-TV.