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Katt Williams claims local radio host's husband pulled gun on him at comedy club

NORCROSS, Ga. — Comedian Katt Williams told the Gwinnett County police Saturday night the husband of V-103’s Wanda Smith pointed a gun at him outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater in Norcross.

Smith’s husband LaMorris Sellers told police he did chase Williams into a nearby supermarket but did not point a gun at him. According to a police report, he said his gun had merely fallen out of his waistband.

The incident between Sellers and Williams “stemmed from an interview that Wanda conducted with Katt previously in Atlanta,” the report said.

Williams dropped into the V-103 Morning Show on Friday to promote his upcoming appearances, but the usual sarcastic banter took a turn. Co-host Frank Ski tried to keep the conversation civil, but it did not last long.

The interview, which featured Williams and Smith trading jokes, went viral and has been seen by millions.


Gary Abdo, the owner of Atlanta Comedy Theater, said he was in the V-103 studio when the exchange happened and said things became very tense between Smith and Williams.

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This interview led to Saturday night's incident. Outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater, where Smith regularly hosts, Williams arrived to support another comic.

On the air Monday, Smith said when Williams saw her on the sidewalk outside the club, he approached her and said, “I told you f**kin’ with me will make you go viral!” That’s when her husband got upset, but on air, Smith said for legal reasons, she could not go into detail.

The police report said Williams told the cop that Sellers pointed a gun at his face.

“Katt and his security guard fled [to] the Food Depot next door where the officer had his initial contact with them,” the report said.

Sellers told police that Williams “had a verbal altercation with Wanda. He said that Katt indicated that he wanted to fight. According to LaMorris, he approached Katt and chased him into Food Depot where he left him and returned to the Atlanta Comedy Theater. When asked if he had a gun on him, he said, 'Yes.' LaMorris stated that as he was chasing Katt, his gun fell from his waistband and he bent to retrieve it however, he said he never pointed it at anyone."

"Mr. Sellers said he didn't take out his handgun, he didn't point it at anybody, but he did admit chasing Mister Williams in the parking lot," Col. Michelle Pihera with the Gwinnett Police Department said.

Video from the Food Depot showed Sellers chasing Williams but no evidence of a gun, the report said. The comedy theater management told the officer they couldn’t access the video from the club’s vantage point.

Atlanta Comedy Theater Management team released the following statement:

There is a lot of speculation and misinformation on the internet about the incident with Katt Williams and Wanda Smith’s husband. The verbal altercation took place outside in the parking lot and NOT inside the Atlanta Comedy Theater. One of our security guards witnessed the incident as well as helped quickly de-escalate the situation and reported he saw NO gun at anytime. We are an upscale comedy club and employ in-house security as well as off duty officers at every show. We admire and respect both Wanda Smith and Katt Williams for their work in the stand up comedy field and this is just an unfortunate incident with two clashing personalities. It is our understanding Mr Williams stated he does not want to press charges so all the talk seems to be much ado about nothing.

Channel 2's Tom Regan reached out to V-103 and Wanda Smith for a comment on the club dust-up, but he has not heard back as of Monday evening.

Williams chose not to prosecute. Despite that, police said depending on what video they obtain shows, they could still file criminal charges in the incident.

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward.

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