Gwinnett County

How Gwinnett high school T-shirt became center of Super Bowl commercial

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A Gwinnett County high school is getting unexpected attention after a graduate highlighted the school in a Super Bowl commercial.

Many locals watching the Super Bowl may have noticed an actor in the Irish Springs commercial wearing a Brookwood Broncos T-shirt.

In fact, it became one of the top local trending topics on social media during the game.

“I called Principal Bo Ford and asked him if we could do it. And he asked if this was for liquor or gambling. I said no sir and he said we could do it,” Jason Kreher told Channel 2′s Heather Catlin.

Kreher graduated from Brookwood High School in 1996. He worked as the creative director on the Irish Springs commercial that features a guy who just got out of the gym.

The man is wearing a Broncos T-shirt. Even Jason was surprised at how many people recognized the logo.

“I knew like a couple of my friends would be like, ‘Did you just do that?’ But it was trending on Twitter under Irish Spring commercial, Irish Spring talking rabbit, Irish Spring sweatshirt,” Kreher said.


That wasn’t the only Super Bowl commercial he helped create.

“That bouncing around QR code from Coinbase,” he said.

Some have called it one of the weirdest Super Bowl commercials ever, but the ad for Coinbase was so popular it caused the system to crash. The site had over 20 million hits in just one minute.

“Do you get a bonus or something for it being that popular?” Catlin asked

“I get $50 in Chili’s gift certificates,” Kreher joked.

The gift cards may not be that exciting, but Kreher said it felt good to show a little love to his past.

“I’ll say shout out to Snellville Georgia. Everybody is somebody in Snellville and we finally made it to the Super Bowl.”