Gwinnett County election officials say audit count is nearly 2,000 votes higher than certified results

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Gwinnett County elections officials released the findings of the audit of the presidential vote.

The audit did not change the outcome of the election in Gwinnett County and no uncounted ballots were found but the audit revealed the count was higher than the certified results.

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Overall, the audit count is 1,852 higher than the certified results. Here is a breakdown of the increase:

• Trump increase: 948

• Biden increase: 663

• Jorgenson increase: 31

• Valid write-in increase: 210

County elections officials explain that there are many possible factors for the increase, including that some of the write-in ballots were double-counted in the audit process, but that did not change any counts for the presidential election. The remaining increase is likely human error in counting through the audit process.

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The hand count audit started Friday, Nov. 13 and wrapped up Tuesday, Nov. 17.


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