Greater good: Local distillery now making hand sanitizer for first responders

ATLANTA — An Atlanta business that specializes in manufacturing booze has switched the operation to make hand sanitizer, and they are giving a lot of it away to those who need it the most.

The owners of Old Fourth Distillery on Edgewood Avenue say there’s a desperate need for hand sanitizer, and they want to help.

Owner Craig Moore says he’s trying to contribute to the greater good and stay in business.

“We're a distillery. Obviously under normal circumstances we're making vodka and gin and bourbon," Moore said.

But these are not normal circumstances. Which is why Moore's distillery is mixing the pure alcohol he has on hand with water and aloe to make hand sanitizer.

The business said they first started making sanitizers for anyone, but now they are prioritizing first responders and emergency workers.

Moore says the Old Fourth Distillery is one of just a few hundred facilities in the country that can legally make the alcohol that's needed to do this.

Locals who came earlier are grateful.

“I think it's a wonderful thing. We're in a bad situation. We all need to work together,” said neighbor Darrian Robinson.

Moore said he's being flooded with donations and inquiries from local municipalities and corporations wanting to buy the sanitizer.

Because the bars and restaurants he sells liquor to are about to take a major hit, he figures this could be a way to keep his employees working and paid.

But the big picture is to help those who need it.

“Even if we can save one life, that's all we gotta know. Right?" Moore said.

Moore said he wants to remind people that the bottle of vodka in your cabinet is not strong enough to kill coronavirus.

Moonrise Distillery in Clayton, Georgia is offering hand sanitizers too.