Fulton County

Teen killed while confronting men about sister's stolen bike

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A teenager was confronting two men about his little sister's stolen bike when he was shot and killed in a busy grocery store shopping center on Cascade Avenue in southeast Atlanta Monday afternoon.

The shooting happened near Ralph David Abernathy around 2 p.m. Witnesses said they heard three shots and then saw a teenager on the ground. %



The teenager was identified Monday night as Michael Fuqua, 18.

A woman told Channel 2's Tom Jones she heard the shots.


“When I got over here, the body was laying on the ground dead,” the woman said.

Police said this all began when Fuqua confronted two men who were selling phones and water under a tent near the bus stop on Cascade Road.

Fuqua’s family says the confrontation was over the bike, stolen on Sunday, which the teen was using to get to job interviews.

“During the disagreement, another subject that was sitting at the table shot into the air and also shot at the victim,” Lt. Charles Hampton said.

Fuqua later died at the hospital.

"I'm pissed. That's messed up. How are you gonna get mad and try to kill somebody over something that's not yours in the first place?" Fuqua's brother Dontonius Knox said.

Knox says when they got the call, they hoped it wasn't true.

"We're over there pacing, hoping it was just a he said, she said. Hoping he's not actually gone," he said.

Now, Knox says, he just wants to the killer brought to justice.

"I need for somebody to find who did this," he said. "I want his head. That's what I want him to know. My personally, his older brother, I want his head."

Investigators are now looking at surveillance video from that shopping center hoping to identify the suspects.

A barber who works nearby said the violence has to stop.

“Don't make no sense," the barber said. "Everybody want to kill each over senseless crimes. I mean, it got to stop at some point.”