Fulton County

Fulton County Schools releases plan to phase back in to in-classroom learning after Labor Day

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — Fulton County Schools announced Thursday that they plan to phase face-to-face learning back in after Labor Day.

The school district is set to reopen with fully virtual instruction on August 17.

The plans to slowly phase back in reentry were announced during a school board meeting on Thursday.

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The district plans to move into Phase 1 on September 8. Phase 1 includes students going back to school for a few days a week in short sessions depending on grade level.

In Phase 2, students would go back for a half day once a week and students would be back in the classroom for one full day a week in Phase 3. Phase 4 would have students back in the classroom for two full days a week.

The moves into Phase II and beyond will be dependent on numbers of coronavirus cases.

Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney announced that class would start 100% virtual during a board meeting last week. The district had originally planned to offer both in-person and virtual learning, but pulled the plan back as COVID-19 numbers surged.