Fraternity suspended after allegations of hazing

DAHLONEGA, Ga. — A fraternity chapter at a local university is suspended indefinitely following allegations of hazing and alcohol misuse. 
The University of North Georgia is not known for being the home of a controversy.

However, a fraternity scandal has been put to rest at the Dahlonega campus after allegations of hazing.
The national chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity suspended the UNG chapter indefinitely last week.
Its fraternity brothers are accused of alcohol misuse and hazing related incidents.
"Sadly, that's not surprising to me," student Thomas Richie said. 
Ritchie is a student and tells Channel 2's Matt Johnson even the normally quiet mountain town university isn't without hazing.
"A lot of people say it really doesn't happen, but we all kind of know it does," Richie said. 
In a statement, the national chapter of Sigma Nu says: 
"Sigma Nu regrets the necessity of the suspension of the charter of the Kappa chapter. However, in keeping with our mission to develop ethical leaders, the fraternity will not tolerate such violations of its law, policies and principles."
The university tells Johnson no one was injured during the alleged incident but offered no other details.
"I don't feel like it should happen, but I feel like you should be prepared for it," student Jared Williams said. 
Williams says the suspension may be too harsh if no one was hurt.
"If it was just something they were embarrassed about, I think that's just something you sign up for," Williams said.
University officials haven't given a timetable for when or if the chapter will be able to resume.