Former UGA quarterback Aaron Murray praises Stetson Bennett on becoming a national champion

ATLANTA — Former UGA quarterback Aaron Murray is a big fan of UGA’s current quarterback and now national champion, Stetson Bennett.

“I need a legit 13 jersey with Bennett on the back and I’m getting it signed and it’s going in my office,” said Murray.

He talked to Channel 2 Tuesday afternoon as he drove back to Atlanta from Indianapolis.

Murray understands better than most the magnitude of what Bennett accomplished Monday night, when the bulldogs became national champions. Murray was at the game, and made sure to congratulate Bennett with a hug. We asked him what he told Bennett in that moment.

“Man just how proud I am of him and man you’re asking me that question again to get me to tear up. It’s an emotional bond like I said, just so proud of Stetson. It’s awesome to see what he fought through this year,” said Murray.

Murray says Bennett’s journey from walk on to national championship quarterback, makes him not only a Georgia legend, but the greatest quarterback to ever put on a UGA jersey.

“He continued to fight and battle and believe in himself and it’s special. I’ve never seen anything like it. So in my mind he’s the GOAT, man. Stetson is the greatest of all time,” said Murray.

At a news conference Tuesday morning, Bennett stayed humble when asked what he thought of being considered the GOAT by Murray.


“I wouldn’t put myself at the top of the list. I would put Murray in front of me. That’s what I would say,” said Bennett.

Back in October, Murray said then that Stetson Bennett should be the starting quarterback. Channel 2′s Christian Jennings asked Murray what he saw in Bennett then, that perhaps others couldn’t yet see.

“Well, for one the leadership. Stetson has always been one heck of a leader and everyone on that team believed in him,” said Murray.

And Murray says he believes what head coach Kirby Smart has done in Athens is just the beginning.

“I’m telling you what, there’s a rocket on the back of the Georgia Bulldogs program and we’re about to have a run I believe the next 10 to 15 years that can mirror what Saban has done the past 10 to 15 years,” said Murray.

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