Forklift used to steal ATM

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. — Thieves stole a forklift from a fast food restaurant in Fayetteville, and used it in an ATM heist.
Customers are still learning about the theft as they drive to the empty spot where Delta Credit Union ATM was located.
"The pylons were there but I didn't see the machine and, 'I said oh,'" said customer Kathy Noland.
Fayetteville police confirmed thieves stole a forklift at a nearby fast food restaurant under construction. Someone then drover it a half a mile away to take the ATM right off its base.
And without an ATM, customers who arrived after regular bank business hours were left trying to figure out where to go.
"If you are trying to get to another Delta, it is in Peachtree City," said customer Zach Holloway.
The thefts, police said happened, early Thursday at the Summit Point Shopping Center near Highway 85 South.
"That's so sad. We are living in a world where it's just crazy. Crazy. I'm going to take my money and just put it under my mattress," said one customer.
Channel 2 contacted Fayetteville police for details about how much money was stolen or surveillance video. Authorities said information wouldn't be available until Monday.