Fayette County

People attempt selfies with 6-foot gator in Peachtree City

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — Peachtree City police say the alligator spotted in Flat Creek a few weeks back not causing a nuisance, but some people are.

Police are afraid somebody is going to get hurt.

People are coming out to throw food to the 6-foot gator and are trying to snap selfies.

Flat Creek used to be one of the quietest spots in all of Peachtree City -- until it arrived.

"This has gone a little crazy on social media, and it has encouraged people to come out here and look for this alligator -- and feed it -- or talk to it.  Whatever," said Lt. Mark Brown with the Peachtree City Police Department.

The gator was first spotted by a truck driver in early April as he drove across the Flat Creek Bridge on Highway 74.




Bruce Traylor told Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen it looked like a torn tire -- until it moved.

Police say now that word has gotten out the bridge has become a popular spot for drivers to stop and look.

Police have posted an alert on Facebook, telling folks not to feed the alligator or try to get a picture with it.

"Selfie reports,” Brown said. “All sorts of different things.  I understand, it’s unique for our city to have an alligator in our creeks.  We contacted the Department of Natural Resources, and DNR says the nuisance is the people harassing it."

The gator is now so popular he has a name, "Flat Creek Floyd."