Drugs disguised as candy uncovered in local bust

Channel 2 Action News is working on a story parents will want to know about.

Police in South Fulton County said a bag may look like candy but it's actually drugs, and police have found similar drugs all across metro Atlanta in the last year.

Channel 2 Action News first told you about this problem back in December. We reported that Cobb County police discovered bags of Cheetos and gummy bears laced with marijuana. Six months later, there was another disturbing discovery in Gwinnett County.

Now, Fulton County is dealing with a similar problem.

On Friday, Hapeville police posted photos on their Facebook page. A spokesman for the department said they seized pills and lollipops designed to look like candy along with firearms and money during a major drug bust.

The pills look similar to different cartoon characters from popular shows and movies like the Minions franchise, Hello Kitty and The Simpsons.

Police in South Fulton County said a bag may look like candy but it's actually drugs, and police have found similar drugs all across metro Atlanta in the last year.

The department is urging parents and teachers to inspect candy and make sure young people are aware of these dangers.


At least twice this month alone, metro are police have found ecstasy and other drugs.

A drug bust in Duluth began outside a Waffle House not because of suspected drugs, but an animal locked in a car on a hot day.

When an officer caught up with Terrell Magbie and his girlfriend, they were already back with the dog at a nearby convenience store, but cops smelled something illegal.

"Why does your car smell like marijuana," said the officer in dashcam video Channel 2's Tony Thomas obtained.

Magbie said he smoked and that gave the officer probable cause to search the rest of the car where he found four baggies of brightly colored pills.

Magbie at first claimed he didn't know where it all came from, but then confessed.

Magbie remains behind bars on a trafficking charge. His girlfriend was given a citation for the marijuana but not taken to jail.