Devon Gales attends wedding of ex-UGA kicker involved in paralyzing collision

(Credit: Tanisha Deans-Gales Facebook page) 

Although tragedy brought the two together, the unlikely friendship between the once-Southern University wide-receiver and a former University of Georgia kicker is now one of love.

Former wide-receiver Devon Gales was paralyzed in September 2015 after taking a hit during a football game against Marshall Morgan. On the play, Gales ended up fracturing his C6 vertebrae and has been confined since to a wheelchair.

Over the weekend, Morgan married his fiancée Madison Giddens. Both Gales and his mother, Tanisha Deans-Gales, were there.


"I am so glad that they saw fit to have us share this precious moment with them,” Deans-Gales said.

Gales’ story and comeback has been incredibly inspiring to so many -- and this is just one of those moments.

In February, the University of Georgia announced that it was starting a fundraiser to help build Gales and his family a home.  Former UGA tight end Benjamin Watson has donated over $10,000 to the cause.