Police: Thieves rob ambulance as paramedics tend to patient

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — DeKalb County police said two people broke into and stole from an ambulance.

It happened on Soapstone Drive last week. Detectives are now releasing video in hopes someone recognizes the people involved.

“That's messed up, yeah," said neighbor Frederick Montgomery.

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Montgomery was just as stunned as police when looking at surveillance video of thieves stealing from an ambulance as the paramedics worked on a patient.

“It's even more egregious to steal from someone trying to do their job out here, trying to help someone else," DeKalb Police Lt. Lonzy Robertson said.


The video shows a man in a hoodie grab a backpack and then seconds later he jostles a work tray and grabs a second bag.

“That's really hard to believe, paramedics out of all people. Yeah, that’s crazy never thought that," Montgomery said.

Inside the bags were tactical books, electronic notebooks and thousands of dollars worth of items, including a stethoscope, social security numbers, wallets, debit cards and car and house keys.

“They were very quick and precise in what they were doing. They got in and out and no one saw anything," Robertson said.

Neighbors questioned if it was a set-up. Channel 2's Liz Artz spoke to the woman who was taken care of by paramedics and the woman said she was sick.

Police said it was likely a crime of opportunity.

“When they saw it was unlocked, they took what they wanted," Robertson said.

“It makes you think a lot. Make sure you keep doors locked. Even the paramedics are getting robbed," Montgomery said.

Police said anyone with information on the robbery should contact them.