DeKalb County

Apartment building a total loss after 2-alarm fire

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — DeKalb County firefighters are responding to an apartment fire in the 6000 block of Baynes Hill Drive in Clarkston.

Firefighters say no one was injured in this two-alarm fire, but the apartment building is a total loss.

When firefighters arrived at 3 p.m., they were trying to fight the fire from inside the building. As the fire intensified that changed.

"Due to a roof collapse we had to go defensive,"  DeKalb County Fire Chief Kenneth McKinney said.

Witness Anthony Sanders, who lives at a nearby building, says he was at home when the fire started.

"There was a lady, her kids was stuck in the apartment and some guy ran in to go get the kids," Sanders said.

Ayak Deng, who lives next to the building, says one woman came out screaming she left food cooking on the stove and fell asleep.

"The lady said she left her food in there with her kid in there and she fell asleep," Deng said.

The residents of all eight units have been displaced by this fire.

Fire investigators are still working to find out how this fire started.