DeKalb County

Gun found, student arrested after lockdown at Emory University, Druid Hills High

ATLANTA — Police have made an arrest in a gun scare that caused a lockdown at Emory University and Druid Hills High School.

It led to a shelter-in-place order at the university for most of the day.

Students told Channel 2′s Tom Regan that everyone was worried.

Students at Druid Hills High School said the principal came on the loudspeaker announcing the school was being locked down during second period Thursday, and everyone had to stay in their classrooms during a potentially dangerous situation.

Police swarmed the school as word spread that someone could be wandering the campus with a gun.


“Some people were like ‘Oh my God, what if there is a shooter outside the door?’ But we weren’t trying to take anything too seriously,’” one student told Regan, who did not identify themselves. “I didn’t know if it were real or not, so I wasn’t scared.”

Some students said the lockdown was triggered by a confrontation between two students.

“There was a fight between two freshmen. Apparently one of them got mad and pulled out a gun,” the student said.

Dozens of police officers searched the campus both outside and inside.

“Police came into every classroom,” the student said.

Around the same time, Emory University next door tweeted an alert, first warning of an active shooter, but then clarifying that a possible armed subject could be on the campus and students needed to shelter in place.

The timing of the chaotic morning on the high school campus couldn’t have been worse for some students.

“Everyone is in testing now, so it’s confusing for everyone,” the student said.

The student who allegedly flashed the gun was taken into custody late Thursday afternoon.

DeKalb County Schools police say the located the gun in some woods near North DeKalb Mall.

He’s going to be charged with aggravated assault and illegally carrying a weapon in a school safety zone.