DeKalb County

Employee says she was being held responsible for stolen cash

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A thief stole cash from a cell phone shop during business hours Saturday, but an employee said she was told she'd be held responsible for the money snatched from the register.

Casandra Perry says she was in a backroom at the Metro PCS authorized dealer on Memorial Drive when a man was left alone on the floor.

The man stole $3,200 from the register.

Perry says the franchise owner, Wireless Time, informed her that it would garnish her paychecks to recover the money.

So Channel 2’s Carl Willis went to the store in DeKalb County to get some answers.


An employee who Perry identified as a manager spoke briefly.

“Do you think that's fair. Are you the manager?” Willis asked.

“Considering the situation that happened, how the customer was left up here by themselves while the employees went into the back to eat. That's something you would have to talk to the company about,” the manager said.

“Is that something that they agreed upon when they started working here?” Willis asked.

“That would be something that you'd have to talk to the company about,” the manager responded.

The company never responded, but Perry says Wednesday after our preview of the story was shared nationally the company backed down.

Perry says the store is taking steps to better secure the shop and the cash.

She just hopes no one else winds up on the hook for thousands of dollars.

"A bunch of stores have been getting robbed left and right, and for it to happen to someone else,” Perry said, “I wouldn't want that."