Crumbling driveway could send woman to jail

A DeKalb County woman is headed to court over her cracked driveway.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County woman is headed to court over her cracked driveway.

Hilda Brucker said she’s going on trial later this month with a possible sentence of probation, or even jail time, because Doraville Code Enforcement believes the bad condition of her driveway violates a city ordinance.

“I honestly think it’s bizarre and ludicrous and I would think the city has more important things and better projects to spend their resources on,” she said.

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Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon called Doraville Mayor Donna Pittman, who said she couldn’t comment on an ongoing case. She said she strongly believes in code enforcement policy and expects homeowners to follow the rules.


“I guess I don’t understand how my driveway has an impact on anyone else in the city,” Brucker said.

Brucker believes the prosecutor in the case, Bill Riley, may be overzealous.

In 2015, Riley asked a judge to sentence a Sandy Springs sanitation worker to jail for picking up trash too early in the morning.

A spokesperson for Riley’s law firm said they can’t comment on Brucker’s case.

“I hope the whole thing is overturned and goes away,” Brucker said.

Brucker said she would like to fix her driveway, but does not have the $6,000 it would take to do so.