Court dress code sparks outrage

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Dozens of people headed to DeKalb County's Records Court were turned away and it was all because of what they were wearing. Not being able to complete their business with the court left many angry and some confused.

"I had to put on a freakin' coat. A coat just to come down here to pay money to them," Jennifer Lowe said.

Channel 2's Tom Jones saw many people walk into the court, then come right back out after deputies told them their shorts were too short or they had on tank tops or other revealing clothing.

"Apparently I qualify for short shorts," attorney Devin Atchinson said after she was turned away.

Nelly Withers is the chief judge of Records Court. She implemented the strict dress code back in September.

When asked why, she sent a statement that said: "Decorum is required in court at all times, including proper attire. The court's policy is on the court's website and on the court's front door."

That didn't satisfy people who drove all the way to court only to be told they couldn't get in because of what they had on. Some said the intense heat is why people wear clothes like tank tops, which are prohibited. "They too have to know that the weather is so hot," one man said.

We saw several people go to their cars and come back with less-revealing clothing. One woman who had to get a coat says the dress code just adds misery to having to come to court. "I'm upset about (them) not letting me in and then I had to pay several tickets," Lowe said.