Cobb County

Teen stabbed to death at Cobb County playground

MABLETON, Ga. — A Mableton man says his grandson was stabbed to death on a playground on Monday.

Kalem Hasan told Channel 2's Chris Jose that Cobb County police confirmed the body discovered on the 6600 block of Mableton Parkway was his 17-year-old grandson Nasir Benefield.

Hasan told Jose he had a bad feeling when Benefield wouldn't return his calls. A security guard at the apartment complex showed Hasan pictures of the crime scene.


"I was fearing the worst because it's just unusual. He's not answering his phone, it's going straight to voicemail," said Hasan. "He (security guard) started to describe the person and I said that sounds like a lot like my grandson."

Hasan said the body in the picture was face down.

"It looked his shoes, it looked like his dark pants," said Hasan.

A Cobb County police spokesman did not return Jose's calls or emails on Monday. It's not known if there any suspects or persons of interests.

Hasan believes Benefield was targeted.