Cobb County

Ready for those fall colors? You’ve got another couple of weeks to go

It’s that time of year when the leaves on the trees start to change color.

Severe Weather Team 2 Meteorologist Eboni Deon has been keeping track of when the leaves will reach their peak this year.

Colors could peak a little sooner than normal, especially in the mountains. You’ll have to wait a little longer in the metro but there’s still some great color giving us a preview of what’s to come.

“I feel like we’re probably still two or three weeks out from optimal color here in the metro Atlanta area,” said Christie Bryant, arborist for Speaking for the Trees.

Bryant told Deon it will depend on the temperatures, but we’ll only have a few weeks to enjoy the color before trees start to drop their leaves.

“Black Gum is pretty distinctive right now because it’s part green and part red, so it almost looks like Christmas tree colors. Dogwoods are changing right now, looking red. Ginkos are just starting to turn yellow,” Bryan said.


Hudson Perry and his family spent some time gathering and observing the leaves at Kennesaw Mountain for their homeschool lesson on Monday.

“I have multiple different colors of leaves, and I have different types of leaves, and I have different sizes of leaves,” Perry said.

The Perrys said they are happy to spend some time together even if the colors aren’t as bright as they will be.

“Just exploring the nature and the creation and the beauty of it. It really makes me think about my grandfather because he would take me out on walks and do the same thing,” Perry said.

Bryant also mentioned that you should remember to water your trees. We haven’t had rain in a few days, so you should consider putting a hose to your tree soon.