Cobb County

Kennesaw leaders plan vote to remove controversial Confederate flag

KENNESAW — Leaders in Kennesaw want to permanently take down a Confederate flag from a war memorial.

Channel 2′s Lauren Pozen was in Kennesaw, where the controversial flag has been a symbol on Main Street at Memorial Park for years. The flag flies alongside the Georgia flag and the American flag.

City council member David Blinkhorn said all three flags were taken down during recent protests and since then, only the Georgia flag and the American flag have been put back cup.

All city council members unanimously said the Confederate flag should not be put back up, but there's a problem: A state law protects confederate monuments.

On Monday, the council is looking to adopt a resolution to permanently remove the flag.

"I'm asking the city to revisit all ordinances in the city as it applies to local businesses, and make sure our local businesses are in compliance with those orders," Blinkhorn said.

Pozen reached out to Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling who said in a statement that the flag doesn’t represent the city or what the city stands for. He said the city is deciding the best route to take in removing it.