Cobb County

Family with newborn rushed to escape Cobb County fire

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Flames from an apartment sent residents running from a burning building, including a family with a newborn.

The fire happened around midnight at the Laurel Hill Reserves complex in Marietta.

Channel 2's Wendy Corona said that all of the residents were thankful to have escaped the fire

"I am glad that everyone got out safe and no one got hurt," said Jatavious Durden, a resident at the complex. "That was a good thing."

Michael Abraham, another resident, said he was grateful for his neighbors' quick thinking because the fire and smoke were not apparent until neighbors got out into a breezeway.

"It was the guy above me," Abraham said. "He was making a lot of pounding noise and then he started screaming for everyone to get out and was knocking on everybody's door."

"He swung into action and did a good job of getting everybody out," Abraham said.


Dominque Donahue said after getting out, she ran back up to the third floor to get some of her college engineering books, and she wasn't the only one.

"The guy with the newborn baby, he came back upstairs too because he had to get stuff for the baby," Donahue said.

The water and smoke damage was apparent.

"The ceiling looks like it might be collapsing from all the water they put in there," Abraham said.

Neighbors, however, said in all the commotion of escaping, one thing was missing.

"The fire alarm did not go off and we actually didn't know until he came around banging on the doors to let us know," Durden said.

Apartment management did not give an exact number of damaged apartments. Investigators, however, did say the fire wall worked, which kept all the fire damage in one third-story apartment.