Cobb County

Concerned parents want massage parlor shut down following bust that landed employee in handcuffs

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A Cobb County massage parlor employee was taken away in handcuffs for providing services too risqué to say even on TV, police say.

The massage parlor is inside a family-friendly shopping center with a children’s salon next door and even a Chuck E. Cheese across the street.

Jasmine Massage promotes a variety of services, but when an undercover agent walked through the doors recently an employee was arrested, accused of offering the agent more than what the business promotes.

She’s now facing a prostitution-related charge.

“That should not be in family communities at all. At all. It definitely should be shut down,” concerned parent Yvette Murphy said.

“That being so close to Chuck E. Cheese, it scares me to death. They need to shut it down,” parent Jeremy Barlow said.

Channel 2 Cobb County Bureau Chief Michele Newell stopped by Jasmine Massage to get some answers.


The employee who is charged, greeted Newell when she walked in. But when Newell told her about the story, she didn’t want to comment.

Newell asked to speak with a manager. A different employee came out and told her the manager wasn’t around.

“If you are charged -- whatever the case may be -- you should not be back on the premises or property,” Murphy said.

Newell spoke with employees at other businesses in the family-friendly shopping center. They told her that police busted Jasmine Massage one week ago and shut it down for the day.

Some want to see it get shut down for good.

“We just need that out of our neighborhood for Cobb County,” Barlow said.

When Newell spoke with one of the parlor’s employees, she was told the woman who is charged is no longer an employee and that returned to the business to pick some things up.

The children’s salon next door to the parlor sent Newell a statement, saying:

“We are deeply concerned and saddened by the recent news regarding the neighboring business. Our top priorities when choosing our salon locations are the safety of our young clients and appropriate environments. We are in close communication with our legal team and property management to resolve this matter swiftly. Our commitment is to ensure our luxury kids salon remains a safe and welcoming environment for all.” We appreciate your support as we navigate this difficult situation.”