Cobb County

9-year-old Cobb County student overcomes learning challenges and writes book

When 9-year-old Joseph Dodd has a good book in his hands, he can’t put it down.

“It’s about how everybody is different. And if we were just all the same, life would be so boring,” Joseph said.

Joseph is a bit partial. He’s the author.

“I like how it turned out. I really do,” he told Channel 2′s Berndt Petersen.

“We all like different things, and that’s A-OK with me” is the title. Joseph wrote it with his mom, Joe Dodd.


“He’s had some learning challenges. Reading and writing are difficult for him. I really wanted to help with his confidence and help him build confidence that he can tell a story,” Dodd said.

And greet his adoring public.

A recent book signing raised money for Bert’s Big Adventure, a nonprofit that provides vacations to Walt Disney World for children with terminal illness.

Joseph hopes his book does some good, and he hopes other kids his age will do the same.

“Well, I guess I would just encourage them. That would be great. Great for new books,” Joseph said.