• Cobb Co. man wants neighbor to pay for fallen tree damage


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - An east Cobb County man says he is spending thousands of dollars to clean up his neighbor’s downed tree from last week’s storms.

    Joe Paquette said Thursday night’s storms sent the tree onto his property, but it clearly fell from his neighbor’s yard.

    The powerful winds from an F1 tornado sent the 75-foot poplar tree crashing onto Paquette’s property, taking out a fence and power lines and blocking two driveways.

    Pacquette said he has paid homeowner’s insurance for his house for 27 years without filing any claims, but Travelers Insurance has only offered to pay $500 to repair damage and remove the tree.

    “I’ve gotten quotes for like, almost $4,000 in all and the insurance company will only pay the minimum amount,” Paquette said.

    Paquette said about $1,300 of the $4,000 cost is due to his neighbor’s tree.

    Paquette said his neighbor’s insurance should be held responsible, but his other neighbors have been pitching in.

    “There’s been a lot of people to step forward and offer to help, kind of nice,” Paquette said.

    Traveler’s Insurance declined to comment on the matter over the weekend, telling Channel 2’s Liz Artz to call back on Monday.

    Paquette’s neighbor told Artz’s cameraman not to shoot video of the tree and declined an on-camera interview.

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    Cobb Co. man wants neighbor to pay for fallen tree damage