Clayton County

Police say 7-year-old hit, killed when parents left her alone was epileptic, often woke up dazed

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Police say the hit-and-run that killed a 7-year-old girl has left many officers in tears.

The child’s parents now face charges even though the driver who hit her hasn’t been caught.

A memorial for Keymoriona Williams remains along the road where she was hit and killed.

Investigators told Channel 2′s Tom Jones that this case is taking an emotional toll on them.

“I’ve probably seen more tears shed on this call being personally involved in, including myself,” Clayton County Police Capt. John Ivey said. “That’s a 7-year-old kid. We’re parents. We’re grandparents. That could have been our kid.”

Police are still searching for the driver who hit the 7-year-old around 2:30 a.m. on Sept. 4 along Tara Boulevard near Southside Commercial Parkway.

Officers shared the 911 call by a man who ran to Keymoriona’s aid.

“It’s a child on Tara Blvd. She got hit by a car,” the man said.


“Is the vehicle that hit her is the vehicle still there?” The 911 operator asked.

“No, whoever it was just kept going,” the man said.

He described the suspect’s car as a gray four-door vehicle.

Meanwhile, police arrested the child’s parents, Jordan Wint, 35, and Christal Williams, 32.

Officers say they left Keymoriona and her 9-year-old siblings alone for nearly four hours even though the 7-year-old had epilepsy.

“She had seizures and she would come out of a seizure, and she would be in a daze,” Ivey said.

Officers say Williams was working for Uber Eats. Wint was along for the ride.

Police say both tested positive for drugs.

Officers say they went to the Magnolia Bay Hotel where they found the door open and Keymoriona’s siblings asleep.

“They informed them there should have been a third, their sister should have been there,” Ivey told Jones.

The parents face charges of child cruelty, reckless conduct and deprivation of a minor. Both are being held on $30,000 bonds.

Police said they had only been at the hotel for 12 hours.