Cherokee County

More arrests following a pair of dangerous street racing stunts on Easter Sunday

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga — Officers made more arrests following a pair of dangerous street racing stunts on Easter Sunday.

Drivers took over intersections in Woodstock and Roswell, doing donuts at high speeds while putting other drivers at risk.

Channel 2′s Tom Regan spoke with investigators who said these street stunts are carefully planned by all involved.

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This isn’t at all spontaneous, it can be planned hours, or even days in advance.

At the intersection of Houze and Rucker roads where one of these events took place on Easter Sunday, you can still see the tire marks.

Twelve drivers had already been arrested after what happened on Houze and Rucker roads and now there’s word of six more arrests in Cherokee County.


So much for a quiet Easter Sunday: street racers commandeered the intersection of Arnold Mill and Barnes Roads, turning it into a stunt track, recklessly spinning in circles and burning rubber.

It’s all orchestrated. First, so called block cars encircle the intersection, then the street racers enter the circle.

“Doing their donuts, everyone gets out of their cars, they’re all videotaping, there’s smoke in the air, some of them are throwing fireworks, and the reasons they’re videotaping is to get this up on social media,” said Jay Baker with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

But it’s not just enthusiastic spectators doing the filming. Footage shot by irate civilian drivers blocked from the intersection helped identify the six alleged street racers arrested by the sheriff’s investigators.

“I’m sure it’s a lot of fun for them, but it’s extremely dangerous. One of the cars actually struck an innocent bystander’s vehicle and that’s one of the reason’s we were able to catch one of the drivers on that day, ‘cause it disabled his vehicle,” Baker said.

Some race spectators got angry over civilians filming the event to turn the footage over to law enforcement.

“Some of the participants were running up in the faces and yelling at them, and it could lead to other problems. Fortunately, no one was hurt that day,” Baker said.

Those arrested face a variety of charges including reckless driving.

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