Channel 2's Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship pay tribute to Mobb Deep's Prodigy

Channel 2's Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship have time and again proven that they are the unequivocal kings of the hip-hop traffic reporting niche.

The two have already paid tribute to Phife Dawg, The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac by smoothly dropping rap lyrics into their early morning traffic reports.

Now they are at it again in a tribute to the late to Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy, who died Tuesday at age 42.


This tribute might be the most jam-packed and brilliant one yet.

The duo managed to drop at least 10 rhymes over the course of three morning shows -- and the slick inserts are everything from subtle to outright hilarious.

You might not catch what Arum is up to when he says a delay is "six blocks and you might not make it through." A hint for the less rap-savvy among us: That's a line from Mobb Deep's 1995 hit "Right Back at You."

But when then Arum manages to work in this gem -- "There are a lot of folks 'pushing Lexuses, wearing fat diamond rings" --  even a rap neophyte would know something kind of awesome is happening. (P.S., that's from "Drink Away the Pain.")

Anchor Fred Blankenship also gets into the action by setting the whole thing up, first calling Arum a "traffic prodigy" and then saying the traffic is "mob deep."

Only in Atlanta, folks.