Woman says robber put knife to her throat during lunchtime attack in busy shopping center

ATLANTA — The victim of a violent robbery is speaking out to warn others about the day she says a man with a knife snuck into her car and attacked her at knifepoint.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, told Channel 2′s Matt Johnson that it happened in front of Home Depot on Piedmont Road last Thursday morning right before noon.

“(It was) like a hunting kind of knife in his right hand that came straight to my throat and told me that he was going to kill me,” the woman said. “He kept telling me he was going to kill me.”

She says she was unloading her shopping cart in front of the garden section before being attacked.

“He would push it up against me, and I kept talking and I’m like, ‘You don’t want to hurt me,’” the woman said. “He says, ‘I want your money and I want you to buy me a bus ticket.’”

The moment the victim unlocked her doors with her key fob was the moment the violent robber who had been watching her was waiting for.

He slid in right beside her and put the knife to her throat.


“The fact that all of my doors unlocked. That was like… That was such an invitation,” the woman said.

The victim told Johnson that the robber kept demanding things for 10 minutes before snatching her necklace and taking the money from her wallet.

He then limped toward Piedmont Road after she said he cut her hand and chest with the knife.

“There are all these people there. And I’m screaming and yelling and bleeding. And nobody did anything,” the woman said.

Atlanta police are investigating the robbery with the help of multiple surveillance cameras scattered across the parking lot.

Johnson checked with APD on Wednesday night, and they said they aren’t able to release any video at this time.

The scary encounter was a wake-up call for the victim who said she’s thankful her minor injuries weren’t any worse.

“I mean, I would say that. Internally, I was praying a lot,” the victim said.