Woman killed in NE Atlanta identified as actress, model

ATLANTA — Atlanta police are investigating the murder of woman in a northeast Atlanta parking lot.

Police say someone shot Jokisha Brown while she was sitting in her car outside a strip of shops on the 2100 block of Cheshire Bridge Road around 10:15 p.m. Friday.

Friends told Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach that Brown came to the area get her makeup done. It appears she was shot through the front passenger side window.

Investigators have not named a suspect or motive.

"We're actually interviewing witnesses on the scene. We do have a number of people who were on the scene when the incident occurred. We are collecting evidence, a number of shell casings,” said Atlanta Police Capt. Ben McGee.

Saturday would have been her 36th birthday. %



Friends came to the scene early Saturday morning to make memorial for Brown, a well-known actress and model and mother of a teenage son.

Brown's friend, Jordan Jackson and others, confirmed to Gehlbach that Brown had been the victim of a violent and elaborate abduction from her Gwinnett County home. She escaped only by jumping from a moving car.

"She went through a hard, very, very hard time with this breakup," Jackson said. "She steadily voiced it, she feared for her life that something might happen to her."

Gwinnett police investigated Brown's ex-boyfriend Alfredo Capote in April.

Police have not said if Capote is wanted for the murder, but said they would like to talk with him and are currently looking for him.

"It's her birthday, and all of sudden she's gone. Gone too soon. I just can't believe it," said Brown's friend.

One of her last Facebook posts says she thanked for the Lord for always being in her life and asked for strength. A video on one of Brown's other pages from a day before her murder showed her getting angry and ends with her in tears saying, "Leave me alone."

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