VIDEO: Woman chases man who stole her purse at gas station

The woman was targeted at a gas station but the purse thief didn't stand a chance when she went after him.??

ATLANTA — We're speaking to a woman who was clearly determined to stop a thief.

From stealing her purse, video shows her chase the criminal in circles at a gas station during an attempted slider crime. Her co-worker reached out to Channel 2 Action News after seeing our story Tuesday night about another slider crime. She wants to help raise awareness.

"I think it was more adrenaline than anything. It was just immediate reaction, so I don't think I was really even thinking about what was going on, so I know it was dangerous. You probably shouldn't do that," she told Channel 2's Alyssa Hyman.

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The woman didn’t want to identify herself with her full name and requested to go by Ryan.

She chased the thief around the gas station and into the street. The criminals eventually got away with her purse.

While she wouldn’t recommend it, Ryan said the chase actually paid off.

“You’re not really thinking in the moment it's more of, ‘Oh my God, someone’s taking my stuff!’ like the lady said last night, it is more of an inconvenience than anything,”

Ryan said she wanted us to share her story hoping someone recognizes the suspect and she wants to raise awareness about these slider crimes.

"Lock the car whenever you’re pumping gas because it is happening more frequently,” she said.