Rapper believed to have fired first in deadly shootout

ATLANTA — Police released video that showed the moments leading up to a shootout that killed a local rapper.

Trentavious White, aka Bankroll Fresh, died in a shooting at Street Execs recording studio in northwest Atlanta last year.

Investigators said there were a half-dozen guns involved, and it may have been a case of self-defense.

“Whether or not he was defending himself or the other person defending themselves, that is the question. That’s where we are trying to get to the truth,” Atlanta police Maj. Adam Lee said.


Surveillance video showed White holding an assault rifle.

“He had a weapon and he fired that weapon,” Lee said.

Police said they are not releasing the full video because it is too graphic.

The case is still open and it will be up to the district attorney to file charges or prosecute.

“We just want to get to the truth and sometimes the truth takes time,” Lee said.

The District Attorney’s Office sent Channel 2’s Liz Artz a statement that said:

“We are considering additional evidence we discovered in the case. Because of this information, we have not been able to make a decision by the original deadline. Once we reach a decision, we will notify the families and then the public.”

Investigators are looking for anyone who has any additional information about the shooting.

“We’re looking for anybody we have not identified who may have been there and may know more than what we know at this point, than what we see on the video,” Lee said.

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