T.I. takes part in Atlanta protests

ATLANTA — Rapper-actor-entrepreneur T.I. took part in Atlanta protests Friday night, marching with hundreds of people who gathered to express outrage about police-involved shooting deaths of African-Americans.

The crowd gathered at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and headed to the CNN Center before moving toward the Williams Street exit to the Connector.

There, law enforcement officers formed a blockade to prevent the group from getting onto the highway.

T.I. posted photos and video clips from the scene.

The standoff between marchers and law enforcement took place around the corner from Scales 925, T.I.’s downtown Atlanta restaurant.

This week, a number of past employees sued him, his business partner and the restaurant’s management group, claiming they weren’t paid properly, were forced to work overtime without addition compensation and weren’t given their final paychecks.

The lawsuit also alleges the restaurant has not paid its taxes.

On Thursday night, protesters blocked Atlanta streets and, briefly, the Connector.

On Friday, keeping people off the highway was a priority for law enforcement.

“If you enter the highway, you endanger your own life, the lives of innocent motorists & the lives of our officers,” Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said via Twitter Friday night. “We are better than that.”

The crowd dispersed at about 3:40 a.m.