This woman says she keeps getting tickets for a car she’s never owned

ATLANTA — A Fulton County woman came to Chanel 2 Action News after she kept getting citations tied to a car that she doesn’t even own.

Carvana sold the car in 2020, and that is when it was registered here in Georgia.

Toysha Thomas told Channel 2 consumer investigator Justin Gray that she didn’t even live in Georgia at the time.

Thoma said she got the first ticket on her birthday. It was for a 2018 Honda Accord.

But Thomas doesn’t own a Honda Accord.

“They told me that, ‘We’re seeing that you purchased this vehicle in September of 2020 from Carvana,’” Thomas said.

When Thomas contacted the Georgia Department of Driver Services, they told her the car was registered in her name by Carvana nearly four years ago.

“You did not purchase this vehicle from Carvana?” Gray asked Thomas.

“Never,” she said.


Carvana told Thomas it was a state problem. The state told her Carvana had to fix it. She’s now hearing from bill collectors.

“I’m getting calls now. Threatening calls. I’m getting, collection notices that basically, if I don’t pay by this day, that is going to go on my credit,” Thomas said.

Gray has reported on similar problems with Carvana before on Channel 2 Action News.

In 2021, Gray reported that driver Corey Bennett who sent Carvana a driver’s license selfie to prove his identity, sign up for a loan and purchase a 2018 Ford Mustang.

But the real Corey Bennett never applied for that loan, and it ended up on his credit report.

“It was my address, my name, everything. So that was the scariest part I think,” Bennett said.

And that’s why Thomas worries about what could happen to her, based on what someone else does with that Honda Accord.

“So they do anything, you know, they’re going to come knocking on my door. And that’s the issue for me,” Thomas said.

On Friday afternoon, the Georgia Department of Revenue told Gray that their records show that Carvana completed a transaction in error and then corrected the error. But some files never got changed.

Their IT team is now working “diligently to correct this issue in the system.”


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