This is how Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be protected when Georgia Dome comes down

ATLANTA — A demolition crew is rigging a system of poles and curtains outside the Georgia Dome.

It is designed to prevent collateral damage the day the Dome goes down.

"Obviously a ton of thought went into this. You're not going to blow up something of this size without making sure it's safe,” Georgia World Congress Center visitor George Freiberger said.

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Demolition experts say the day the Dome is imploded, a cloud of dust might spread up to 1,200 feet in every direction, and some debris could go flying.

"I think it's an amazing approach to protect the new while taking down the old,” stadium visitor Dave Boscia said.

The demo crew aims to catch the debris.  A fence is going up between the Dome and Mercedes-Benz Stadium, with industrial-strength curtains.

They are 50 feet high, and will be a couple of football fields long. Officials say they will help block any flying debris.


"You're dealing with more dust than debris. So, since they're imploding it, most of it will hopefully fall in the right places,” Freiberger said.

Officials say buildings on each side of the blast zone will be vacant the morning of the Nov. 20 implosion.

That includes Mercedes-Benz Stadium and the Georgia World Congress Center.

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