This Georgia beach has been named one of the Top 25 in the world

ATLANTA — A quick image search on Google shows exactly why a beach on Georgia’s coast has been named one of the 25 best beaches in the world.

According to the list put together by, Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island came in at No. 12.

“WOW. This area is peaceful, breathtaking, and haunting, all wrapped up in one don’t-miss beach,” Tripadvisor says on its list.

“Driftwood Beach is an escape to another world. Ancient driftwood monuments line the waterfront, creating an unforgettable backdrop,” describes the beach.


The beach is a popular spot for amateur photographers as part of the beach have become somewhat of a graveyard for sun-bleached trees that have toppled and washed ashore on the beach.

“According to the Driftwood Beach website, ‘this is due to the north end of the island slowly eroding away and being deposited on the south end of the island.’ In other words, the eroded soil became increasingly unable to support the trees, which then fell and decayed gradually over time, creating the beautiful and otherworldly sun-bleached formations of Driftwood Beach seen today,” reports.

So what beat out Driftwood Beach? Baia do Sancho beach in Brazil came in at No. 1.

Ka’anapali Beach in Hawaii came in at No. 10.

Driftwood is one of only three beaches in the United States to make the list.