Speed cameras installed in 11 Atlanta school zones starting Friday

ATLANTA — Atlanta Public Schools (APS) are rolling out speed cameras for the first time to crack down on speeding drivers where kids are crossing the street.

Starting Friday, speed cameras will track your speed and tag number if you’re exceeding the speed limit in school zones.

Neighbors are hopeful that kids will be safer from speeding drivers, especially before school.

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Memorial Drive is one of the busiest roads in east Atlanta and that comes with risks for the kids at the schools right next to it.

“Lots of kids cross to go to Drew in the mornings,” neighbor Doug Williams said.

Williams is a longtime East Lake resident who worries about students who walk to and from Drew Charter School near Eva Davis Way.

“It’s been a dangerous intersection for a long time,” Williams said.

But soon, Drew Charter School will be one of the APS schools to get speed cameras. It’s the first time APS has ever added speed cameras in front of one of their schools.

“If they start enforcing it, I think you’ll see a lot more people change their behavior,” Williams said.

Eleven APS schools will be part of the first rollout of speed cameras on Friday. For the first 30 days, there will be a warning period. After that, speeders will be charged $75 for the first ticket and $125 per ticket after that.

“Some people drive pretty fast,” APS Police Chief Ronald Applin said. “So anything we can do to slow them down is what we want to do.”


Applin said the cameras will flag anyone going over 10 MPH over the speed limit.

“They will be able to log into the system to see an actual picture of the vehicle with the tag number, and also the speed that they’re traveling,” Applin said.

Rick Baldwin with the East Lake Neighborhood Association has seen a lot of changes along Memorial Drive to stop speeders near kids and he welcomes one more.

“Together with flashing lights, and the warnings about ticketing and crossing guards, I think it’s going to really have an effect,” Baldwin said.

The school district said the cameras come at no cost to the district and a portion of the fines that are paid will help fund school safety projects.

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