Some lighthearted, hilarious and heartfelt moments with Jovita Moore

ATLANTA — Oct. 4th marks the birthday of longtime Channel 2 Anchor Jovita Moore, who we lost last year due to an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Today, we honor her extraordinary legacy.

Most of you knew her as the sharp-witted, radiant face of Channel 2 and the calm voice that guided Atlanta through some of its biggest news stories.

But to her colleagues, Jovita was a true friend, our newsroom mom, the voice of reason and the heart of our WSB-TV family.

When she wasn’t grilling politicians on air, talking with unrivaled compassion to survivors of human trafficking or masterfully anchoring breaking news, she was goofy, she was genuine and she was fierce. Her smile lit up the room and her side-eye could make you shake in your boots.

Here are some of our favorite moments with Jovita both on and off the air.

Jovita, we love you and will miss you tremendously.

That time she danced with Fred Blankenship:

That time she drove a racecar:

That time she ate 6 cookies:

That time she celebrated 20 years on air:

That time she cracked up over Halloween costumes on air:

Remembering the I-85 bridge collapse:

That time she explained her relationship with snow:

Jovita is stressed on Election Night:

That time she “didn’t know” we were throwing her a party:

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