Sister of mom accused of killing kids: 'That was not my little sister'

ATLANTA — A mother accused of killing her children waived her first appearance in court on Monday morning.

Police tell Channel 2 Action News Lamora Williams, 24, killed two of her children. The youngest was only a year old.

Their father, Jameel Penn, claims Williams made a video call to him showing the scene, and Channel 2's Audrey Washington said the details coming out of this case are "truly disturbing."

The discovery was made late Friday night at the Oakland City West End Apartments.


Williams told police she left her children with a relative at around 12 p.m. Friday and returned home late in the evening to find the children, 1 and 2 years old, dead. A 3-year-old survived.

"He talks about his brothers. He knows what happened. He talks about it all the time," Penn said about his 3-year-old son.

Police and neighbors, however, disputed Williams' story.

Brenda Williams, Lamora Williams' mother, said her daughter struggles with mental health issues.

“I just came from the jail," Brenda Williams said. "I also let them know, to put her on suicide watch because she’s gonna kill herself."

Lamora Williams' sister, Tabitha Hollingsworth, echoed that comment.

"When I saw that mug shot, I knew that was not my little sister," she said.

Hollingsworth also said her sister struggled with mental health issues.

"She's had issues from a baby, issues my mom tried to address with the state of Georgia," Hollingsworth said.

Neighbors expressed their grief and disbelief at a vigil Saturday night. They told Channel 2's Chris Jose the apartment "smelled like death." A smell, investigators say indicate the bodies may have been inside for a few days.

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