Rayshard Brooks told police Natalie White was his girlfriend. Now, a woman with same name is wanted for burning a Wendy’s

ATLANTA — Atlanta Fire and Rescue announced that an arrest warrant has been issued for 29-year-old Natalie White, who they think helped start a fire at a Wendy’s where police shot and killed Rayshard Brooks earlier this month.

You may have also heard the name Natalie White before -- in police body cam video as police questioned Brooks at that same Wendy’s before the shooting. However investigators won’t comment on if they are the same woman.

The two officers involved have since been charged in his death but no arrests have been made in the restaurant fire. The restaurant was burned to the ground by protesters in demonstrations the night after Brooks was killed.

Brooks said the same name multiple times in his conversation with police moments before he was killed.

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Brooks told officers that a woman named Natalie White was his girlfriend, and that she had just dropped him off at the Wendy's.

In the body camera video released by police, Brooks told officers that he wanted a burger. When they asked him if he also wanted any drinks, he admitted to having a daiquiri.

“Just a daiquiri?” the officer asked Brooks.

"Yes," he says. "For Natalie White. That's my girlfriend."

Brooks was married with three daughters and a stepson, but it's unclear if he was estranged from his wife, Tomika Miller.

Channel 2′s Matt Johnson asked interim Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant if the suspect in the arson at Wendy’s is the same Natalie White that Brooks mentioned. Bryant did not respond and said the case is being handled by Atlanta Fire Rescue. Atlanta Fire Rescue said they are unable to confirm they are the same person at this time.

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