Police: Women posing as Uber drivers choked, robbed man

ATLANTA — A witness is giving a warning to anyone looking for a ride after a night out.

Police told Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez that two women pretending to be ride-sharing drivers tricked a man into their car and then choked and robbed him.

“Usually, you think of men when you think of crime, so I was very surprised,” witness Elaheh Kheirbakash told Jaquez.

Kheirbakash said she was caught off guard when she saw two women attacking a man near a pump at a neighboring gas station along Pharr Road in Buckhead.

Police said one woman put him in a choke hold while the other suspect went through his pockets.

“I was scared. I was, like, ‘What is happening to him?’” Kheirbakash said.

She was so scared that she immediately called 911.

“They were dragging him with their car,” Kheirbakash said.

The incident happened in the early-morning hours last Wednesday.

Kheirbakash, who is a manager at Lavash Mediterranean Grille, was closing the restaurant after they stayed open late serving customers who were out celebrating the Fourth of July.

“The two girls were hitting the guy really hard," Kheirbakash told Jaquez.

But the crime didn’t start there.


Atlanta police said the whole thing began a couple of blocks away, outside a bar, when the 22-year-old man jumped into a car with Sharon Jacobs and Dorothy McGlathery.

Jaquez spoke to the victim over the phone Monday evening. He told her he thought he was getting into an Uber.

The victim said shortly after leaving the bar, McGalthery, who was driving, stopped for gas at a Chevron gas station on Pharr Road.

That’s when the victim said he realized he wasn’t in an Uber.

Police said the victim tried to jump out of the car, but Jacobs, who was seated behind him, put him in a chokehold while the other suspect went through his pockets.

The victim said he managed to snatch the McGlathery’s cellphone.

That’s when the two women got out of the car and starting hitting, and biting him and screaming at him to give the phone back.

“It got worse and worse, so I decided to call the police,” Kheirbakash said.

Moments later, the duo was caught along Peachtree Road.

Once investigators found the two, they said the women tried to dump a pink photo album filled with more than 100 credit cards bearing the names of different victims.

When police searched the car, they said they also found a credit card reader.